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Title : Bedatthad¯ipan¯i : Ññon` kan` brui´ haj` kyam`´´ ran`´´ kr¯i´´ p¯ath` nisya.
Title Myanmar : ေဗဒတၳဒီပနီ-ေညာင္ကန္ဗ်ဳိ႕ဟစ္က်မ္းရင္းႀကီးပါထ္နိသ်
Subject : Astrology
Author : Kaweindibithadhammadaradaza
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Title : Mran` m¯a mhu n¯a maññ` pe´´ naññ`´´ kyam`´´ / ¯U´´ Son`´´ Krvay`.
Title Myanmar : ျမန္မာမႈနာမည္ေပးနည္းက်မ္း
Subject : Astrology
Author : Thaung Kywe, U
    In Burmese.
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Title : J¯at¯a pum cam my¯a´´ [microform] / Tan` Ma Ma Khuin` ; 'a phum´´ pan`´´ khy¯i, San`´´ 'On`.
Title Myanmar : ဇာတာပံုစံမ်ား
Subject : Astrology
Author : Tin Ma Ma Khine
    In Burmese. Includes bibliographical references (p. 103-104).Microfiche. New Delhi : Library of Congress Office ; Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1993. 2 microfiches.
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Title : Mran` m¯a´ j¯at¯a / Tan` Ma Ma Khuin` ; 'a phum´´ pan`´´ khyi Mui´´ Mui´´ Lat` ; 'a tvan`´´ pum my¯a´´, Mat` Mon` Cam ... [et al.].
Title Myanmar : ျမန္မာ့ဇာတာ
Subject : Astrology
Author : Tin Ma Ma Khine
    Study of horoscopes found in Burma, 13th-19th century.In Burmese.
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