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RanH` nanH`´ OnH` mve´´
Author : Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay
    A famous novel by well known author, Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay. This novel is one of the authors best novel and also had made into movie
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Gyā nay` Kyo` Ma Ma Le´´ e* bhava pumhrip` myā´´
Author : Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay
    The autobiography of the late writer Gyanay Kyaw Ma Ma Lay (1917 - 1982).
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Gyā Nayʿ Kyoʿ Ma Ma Leʺ e* ba va puṃ ripʿ myāʺ 2-krimʿ
Author : Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay
    The real story of author, it is written in aesthetic point of view. All the articles are mentioned in Myanmar periodical from 1950 to 1979.
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Tveʺ ta ciṃʹ ciṃʹ
Author : Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay
    This is a 3rd edition of nine selected short stories by Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay. Sayar Zawgyi, wellknown poet, wrote the introduction, in this book. This book won Art Literature award in 1963.
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Author : Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay
    A very interesting novel based on early Japanese occupation period. One can learn the events of the time when British withdrew and Japanese troops came to Burma in early 1940s.
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Mran` mā´ Che´´ paññā
Author : Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay
    Compilation of various articles on traditional medicine of Myanmar and author’s own experience on treatment of various diseases.
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Lak` rve´´ canH` vatthu tui myā´´
Author : Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay
    Selection of Gyanay Kyaw Ma Ma Lay�s short stories.
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Yaṅʻ mha tacʻ Rhuikʻ
Author : Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay
    This novel is intended to film for the authoress's son. The story is about romance of the four characters. It was originally published in Sanda Magazine produced by the famous film star Win Oo in 1970s.
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