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Burma Gazetteer: Bassein District
Author : Burma
    Bassein is the capital city of Irrawaddy Division and is situated on the south-western coast of Burma. It is very famous for its trade and port.
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The Road Book of Burma
Author : Burma
    This Road Book describes the roads of Burma and the Shan State as they existed at the end of 1932: and it shows them in a form convenient for reference.
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Administration of Burma
Author : Burma
    This book is a pioneering study of the indigenous Burmese system of local administration prior to British rule. The author also briefly describes early British changes in village administration.
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Bulletin of the Burma Historical Commission Vol I Part II
Author : Burma
    Containing many interesting historical articles such as the Chinese Inscription at Pagan, History of Burma A.D 1000-1300 and etc. which were written by famous writers like Bo Mu Ba Shin, Dr. Than Tun and Luce.
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A Burmese Reader
Author : Burma
    This book is very useful for those who start to learn Burmese language.
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Myanmar English Dictionary
Author : Burma
    This is an excellent dictionary and is done under the guidance of Myanmar Language Commission.
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Student's English-English/Myanmar Dictionary
Author : Burma
    An excellent dictionary which was done under the guidance of Myanmar Language Commission.
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Burma Customs Tariff Guide
Author : Burma
    This little book is compiled by order of the Collector of Customs Rangoon. Itscorrection covers up to the 9th January 1954.
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Burma income tax act
Author : Burma
    Chapters include charge of income-tax, income-tax authorities, appellate tribund, taxable income, deduction & assessment & etc.
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Burma Income-tax Rule: as Amended up to the 1st December 1958
Author : Burma
    Includes income-tax rules together with other important rules prescribed and notifications issued by the financial commissioner, Burma.
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